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   Accounting (ACCT)
   Business Law (BLAW)
   Art General Courses (ART)
   Art Education (ARTE)
   Art Graphic Design (ARTG)
   Art History (ARTH)
   Ceramics (CERM)
   Drawing (DRAW)
   Metals (MTLS)
   Painting (PNTG)
   Printmaking (PRNT)
   Sculpture (SCUL)

Biological Sciences (BIOL)

Center for Environmental Resource Management (ESE)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Civil Engineering (CE)
College of Business Administration (Dean's Office)
   Business (BUSN)
   International Business (IBUS)
College of Engineering (Dean's Office) (BME)
College of Health Sciences (Dean's Office)
   College of Health Sciences (CHSC)
   Health Sciences (HSCI)
College of Liberal Arts (Dean's Office)
   Defense & Strategic Studies (DSS)
   Intel Nat'l Security Studies (INSS)
   Latin American/Border Studies (LABS)
   MA in Interdisc. Studies (MAIS)
   Leadership Studies (MLS)
   Public Administration (PAD)
   Women's Studies (WS)
College of Science (Dean's Office)
   Bioinformatics (BINF)
   Computational Science (CPS)
   Interdisciplin Courses Science (SCI)
Communication (COMM)
Communication - Online (COMX)
Computer Science (CS)
Creative Writing (CRW)
Criminal Justice (CRIJ)

Economics and Finance
   Economics (ECON)
   Finance (FIN)
Educational Leadership and Foundations
   Educational Administration (EDAD)
   Educ. Research & Statistics (EDRS)
Educational Psychology and Special Services
   Educ. Psych. & Counseling (EDPC)
   Special Education (SPED)
Electrical and Computer Engineering
   Computer Engineering (COMP)
   Electrical & Computer Eng. (EE)
Engineering Ed. & Leadership (EEL)
English (ENGL)

Geological Sciences
   Environmental Science (ESCI)
   Geology (GEOL)
   Geophysics (GEOP)
Graduate Studies (GRAD)

History (HIST)

Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering
   Industrial Engineering (IE)
   International Manufac. Systems (IMS)
   Manufacturing Engineering (MFG)
   Systems Engineering (SE)
Information and Decision Sciences
   Computer Information Systems (CIS)
   Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt (OSCM)
   Quantitative Methods (QMB)

Kinesiology (KIN)

Languages and Linguistics
   Linguistics (LING)
   Spanish (SPAN)

Marketing and Management
   Management (MGMT)
   Marketing (MKT)
Materials Research and Technology Institute (MASE)
Mathematical Sciences
   Mathematics (MATH)/(MATM)
   Statistics (STAT)

Mechanical Engineering (MECH)
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MME)
   Music Applied (MUSA)
   Music Education (MUSE)
   Music General Courses (MUSG)
   Music Literature & History (MUSL)
   Music Theory (MUST)

Nursing (NURS)

Philosophy (PHIL)
Physics (PHYS)
Political Science (POLS)
Psychology (PSYC)
Public Health Sciences (PUBH)

Rehabilitation Sciences
   Dept of Rehab Sciences (DRSC)
   Occupational Therapy (OT)
   Physical Therapy (PT)
   Rehabilitation Counseling (REHC)
   Speech & Language Pathology (SPLP)

Rhetoric and Writing Studies (RWS)

Social Work (SOWK)
Sociology and Anthropology (SOCI)

Teacher Education
   Bilingual Education (BED)
   Early Childhood Education (ECED)
   Education Career & Technology (EDCT)
   Educational Technology (EDT)
   Mathematics Education (MTED)
   Reading Education (RED)
   Secondary Education (SCED)
   Soc and Cult Fndtions of Educ (SCFE)
   Science Education (SIED)
   Social Science Education (SOSC)
   Teacher Education (TED)
Theatre and Dance (THEA)