Minor in Nutrition

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The Minor in Nutrition gives students a basic understanding of human nutritional requirements and the role of nutrition in health.  It is directed towards students who are interested in enhancing their majors with increased knowledge of human nutrition.  The minor also provides a background for enhanced employment opportunities with governmental and non-governmental agencies that require a minor or concentration in nutrition.  It also helps to provide a solid knowledge base in nutrition for students planning to pursue future careers in the health professions or graduate education in the health sciences.

Degree Plan

HSCI 2302Fundamentals of Nutrition3
HSCI 3312Theories & Meth of Hlth Behav3
HSCI 3316Community Nutrition3
HSCI 3322Sports Nutrition3
HSCI 3323Nutrition Thru the Life Cycle3
HSCI 4322Nutritional Assesment3
Total Hours18