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Minor in Banking and Financial Institutions

The minor in Banking and Financial Institutions is designed, with substantial input from the financial services industry, to fill a stated need for undergraduate students who have knowledge of the banking and other related industries and are able to provide banking specific skills to the industry, upon entering the profession. Therefore, the minor focuses heavily on providing skills that are key to establishing a successful career in banking related professions.

The minor contains 12 SCH (not counting ECON 3320 in the Business Core), is open for business majors who are non-finance majors only, and students minoring in Banking and Financial Institutions.

Degree Plan

Required Courses
FIN 4329Bank Lending3
FIN 4311Bank Management3
FIN 4312Current Issues in Banking3
FIN 4318Fin Anal of Firm & Valuation3
ECON 3320Money and Banking3
Total Hours15