Student Services

The University of Texas at El Paso offers a wide array of services for students to ensure that student needs, concerns, and interests are addressed.

Campus Cultural Programs


Each year departments across campus sponsor hundreds of cultural events including concerts, music theatre productions, plays, art exhibits, ballet and dance performances, films, and lectures.

Theatre and dance productions are performed in the Wise Family Theatre, the Studio Theatre in the Fox Fine Arts Center, and the Magoffin Auditorium. University Dinner Theatre productions are presented in the Union West Building. Music activities such as the University’s Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Opera, Jazz Bands, Pandemonium Steel Drums, Choral and Chorus, Jazz Singers, and chamber groups are held in the Fox Fine Arts Center’s Recital Hall or the Magoffin Auditorium. Faculty, student, and touring art shows are exhibited in the Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for Contemporary Art, the Glass Gallery in the Fox Fine Arts Center, and the Student Union Gallery in the Union East Building. A film series is also presented annually in the Student Union East Building.

Lectures and a variety of other public programs are part of the yearly schedules of all UTEP Colleges, Academic Departments and Centers as well as the University Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens. The Student Development Center, located in Union West 102, provides a wide-variety of student programming ranging from lectures to artistic performances including support of several culturally based student organizations.

Center for Accommodations and Support (CASS)

Phone: 915.747.5148


The Center for Accommodations and Support (CASS) provides a program of support to students with physical, or mental impairments, as well as those who become temporarily disabled due to an injury or recent surgery, and to women with "at risk" pregnancies. Qualified students could receive a variety of accommodations including note taking services, sign language interpreters, reader services, priority registration, use of adaptive technology, alternative test formats, testing accommodations and advocacy.

Students requiring accommodations must schedule an intake interview with a staff member of CASS and provide medical and/or diagnostic documentation verifying a disability. The documentation must clearly state symptoms and limitations that adversely affect academic performance. All information provided to CASS is treated as confidential. Students should be aware that faculty members cannot provide accommodations without proper notification from CASS.

If a student has, or suspects they have, a disability that is adversely affecting academic performance, he/she should contact the Center for Accommodations and Support immediately to discuss available options. CASS is located in Union East 106.

El Paso Centennial Museum / Chihuahua Desert Gardens

Phone: 915.747.5565

The El Paso Centennial Museum was built in 1936 with funds allocated by the Commission for the Texas Centennial Celebration. As the University’s museum, it serves students and the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez communities. The mission of this natural and cultural history museum is to preserve, document, exhibit, and educate about the Southwest and Mexico. Noteworthy collections pertaining to Geology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Paleontology, Ornithology, and Mammalogy include rocks, crystals, minerals, pottery, stone tools, shell jewelry, and baskets.

The Chihuahuan Desert Gardens, dedicated in 1999, are located on the west side of the museum. They contain plants of the region in settings that can be adapted for area businesses and homes. Basic museum and special-project classes are offered to UTEP students. Temporary exhibits, lectures, gallery talks, youth classes, adult workshops, and volunteer activities are educational offerings. The museum is free and open to the public.

Food Services

Phone: 915.747.5628

UTEP Food Services strives to provide the highest-quality food at the most convenient campus locations. Students, staff and faculty members are encouraged to visit one of the many food venues located throughout campus.

UTEP Union East Building 2nd Floor (Food Court)

  • Chick-Fil-A (deli)*B*
  • Firehouse Grill (grill and tortas)
  • El Cazo (comida Mexicana)*B*, Garden Gourmet (hand tossed salads, soups, and display cooking featuring international cuisine

UTEP Union East Building 2nd Floor

  • Pizza Hut Express (pizza and wings)
  • Mine Shaft (pizza, wings grab-and-go) *E*
  • Chopsticks (Asian cuisine)

UTEP Union East Building 1st Floor

  • Freshens/Starbucks (Starbucks coffees, smoothies, frozen yogurt, grab-and-go) *B* *E*

The El Paso Natural Gas Conference Center

  • Quiznos (deli) *E*
  • Delicious Mexican Express (comida Mexicana) *B* Miner Grill (grill)
  • Pete's Arena (pizza and pasta) *B*


  • Jazzman's Café (upscale coffee and pastry shop)

Academic Services Building

  • Jazzman's Café (upscale coffee, sandwiches, salads and pastries)

College of Business Administration 3rd Floor

  • Miner Stop (grab-and-go) *B* *E*

College of Education 2nd Floor

  • Café a la Cart (grab-and-go) *B* *E*

College of Health Sciences

  • Health Corner (grab-and-go) *B*

Swimming and Fitness Center

  • Gold Rush (energy stop, smoothies, grab-and-go) *E*

Miner Meals

Miner Meals are dollars placed on the Miner Gold card that are held in reserve exclusively for food purchases. With Miner Meals, students, faculty, and staff can receive an automatic 10% discount on all food purchases. Miner Meals can be purchased in $50 increments at Student Business Services, located on the first floor of the Academic Services Building.

UTEP Catering Services 

UTEP Catering Services offers a full range of services for banquets, receptions, meetings, conferences, and private functions. An interesting, varied menu is designed to meet the diverse needs of any group and function.

UTEP Concessions

UTEP Concessions provides a variety of tasty options at sporting and special events. From traditional hot dogs to local favorites, any diner’s cravings are sure to be satisfied.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Phone: 915.747.5347

UTEP is an NCAA Division IA school and is a member of Conference USA. Sponsored sports are football, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s indoor track and field, men’s and women’s outdoor track and field, women’s tennis, women’s rifle, women’s soccer, women’s softball, and women’s volleyball.

Football is played in the 52,247-seat Sun Bowl Stadium, which is located on campus and nestled into the southern tip of the Rocky Mountains; men’s and women’s basketball games are played in the 11,767-seat Don Haskins Center; and women’s volleyball is played in the Memorial Gymnasium, which seats 3,000 people. Soccer games are held at the University Soccer Field with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. The track program runs at Kidd Field, which seats 15,000 people. Teams nationally ranked in recent years include men’s basketball, football, men’s golf, cross country, indoor and outdoor track and field, and women’s rifle.

International Programs

Union East, Room 203 

Phone: 915.747.5664

The Office of International Programs (OIP) is the primary source of information and assistance for the international community at UTEP. Services include:

  • Advising for international students and scholars, on immigration, financial cross-cultural and personal issues;
  • Administration of the PASE Program (Programa de Asistencia Estudiantil): a Texas initiative for a waiver of out-of-state tuition for Mexican nationals who can prove financial need;
  • Facilitation of international and multicultural activities on campus, highlighting the multicultural nature of El Paso and UTEP through cultural events and presentations, involving the University’s diverse nationalities;
  • Assistance in requesting United States Passports;
  • Administration of the Good Neighbor Scholarship and the Frank and Polly Ann Morrow Awards for Outstanding International Students.

KTEP Public Radio

Phone: 915.747.5152

KTEP 88.5 FM broadcasts news, information, and cultural programming 24 hours per day for the University as well as El Paso, Southern New Mexico, and Juarez. KTEP is a member of National Public Radio and Public Radio International. The station trains UTEP students in broadcasting, and students can work at the station either as interns or volunteers. KTEP is equipped with the latest in digital broadcast technology. KTEP began broadcasting in 1950 and was the first FM station in El Paso and one of the first in the Southwest. A quarterly programming guide is available by calling (915) 747-5152.

Military Student Success Center 

University Library, Room 205
Phone: 915.747.5342
Fax: 915.747.5392

The Military Student Success Center provides one-stop services for military students, veterans, dependents, and civilian employees at military bases. Services include assistance with

  • Admissions documents, including residency;
  • Financial aid and Hazlewood documents;
  • GoArmy admissions, degree plan, residency, registration, and grade posting;
  • UTEP registration and withdrawals;
  • Tuition and fees payment processing and
  • Department of Veterans Affairs documents, including creating and maintaining records that support certification of one's status with the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • MilitaryOneSource – Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA).

Veterans Education Counselors

The Veterans commission employs Veterans Education Counselors who work with institutions of higher education; local, state, and national veterans groups; local workforce development boards; and education services offices at military installations; who create and manage publicity campaigns to promote the use of education benefits; who support programs to assist students who are combat veterans in readjusting and reintegrating into a noncombat environment; who maintain statistical information; and who perform other activities ; as assigned by the commission, to enhance the educational opportunities of veterans and their family members in the higher education region and throughout this state.

Hazlewood Act Exemption

The purpose of the Hazlewood Exemption (Hazlewood Act) is to provide an education benefit to honorably discharged or separated Texas veterans and to eligible dependent children and spouses of Texas veterans.

Eligibility Requirements

Veterans, who at the time of entry into the U.S. Armed Forces, are Texas residents, designated Texas as Home of Record, or entered the service in Texas; have served at least 181 days of active military duty, as indicated as "net active service" on the DD214, member 4); have received an honorable discharge or separation or a general discharge under honorable conditions; have no federal veteran's education benefits, or have federal veterans education benefits deducated to the payment of tuition and fees only (such as Chapter 33 or 31; Pell and SEOG are not relevant) for term or semester enrolled that do not exceed the value of Hazlewood benefits; are not in default on a student loan made or guaranteed by the State of Texas; and enroll in classes for which the college receives tax support.

Veterans who are granted their first Hazlewood exemption beginning fall, 2011 must reside in Texas during the semester or term for which the exemption is claimed. This requirement does not apply to veterans who received the exemption prior to the 2011-2012 academic year.

Children and spouses of veterans who, at the time of entry into the U.S. Armed Forces, are Texas residents, designated Texas as Home of Record, or entered the service in Texas; have a parent or is the spouse of a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, Texas National Guard, or Texas Air National Guard who died as a result of service-related injuries or illness, is missing in action, or became totally disabled for purposes of employability as a result of service-related injury or illness; have no federal veteran's education benefits, or have federal veterans education benefits dedicated to the payment of tuition and fees only (such as Chapter 33 or 31; Pell and SEOG Grants are not relevant) for the term or semester enrolled that do not exceed the value of Hazlewood benefits; and are residents of Texas as of the term or semester in which they enroll.

Eligible children who receive the Hazlewood exemption for the first time beginning fall, 2011 must be 25 years of age or younger on the first day of the semester or term for which the exemption is claimed (unless granted an extension due to a qualifying illness or debilitating condition). This requirement does not apply to children who received the exemption prior to the 2011-2012 academic year.

Transferability of Benefits (Legacy Program)

Eligible veterans may assign unused hours of exemption eligibility to a child under certain conditions. To be eligible, the child must be a Texas resident; be the biological child, stepchild, adopted child, or claimed as a dependent in the current or previous tax year; be 25 years or younger on the first day of the semester or tern for which the exemption is claimed (unless granted an extension due to a qualifying illness or debilitating condition); and make satisfactory academic progress in a degree or certificate as determined by the institution. If a child to whom hours have been delegated fails to use all of the assigned hours, a veteran may re-assign the unused hours that are available to another dependent child. Veterans spouses are not eligible to receive a transfer of unused hours.

Effective with tuition and fee charges fall, 2011, a veteran's spouse or a child's guardian, conservator, custodian, or other legally designated caretaker may re-assign unused hours to an eligible child (through Legacy) on behalf of the veteran if the veteran died prior to requesting the transfer of hours.

Award Amount

Eligible veterans, their children and spouses may receive an exemption from the payment of all tuition, dues, fees, and other required charges, including fees for correspondence courses, but excluding deposit fees, student service fees, and any fees or charges for books, lodging, board, or clothing for up to 150 semester credit hours. Awards may not be used to pay tuition and relevant fees for continuing education classes unless one of the following applies: (1) the college receives state tax support for the classes, or (2) the governing board has specifically approved this benefit.

Application Process 

To use Hazlewood benefits or to transfer unused benefits to an eligible child, applicants must complete an application/release form. The forms are available in the Military Student Success Center or online.

Effective with tuition and fee charges for fall, 2011, all applicants (veterans, spouses and children) must complete and submit the appropriate application and documentation listed above to their college or university's financial aid office or veterans' education office no later than one year after the earlier of the date the school:

  • Provides written notice to the applicant of his/her eligibility, or
  • Receives written notice from the applicant that acknowledges the applicant's awareness of his/her eligibility for the exemption.

Dropped for Non Payment Policy

  • Military affiliated students eligible for federal/education benefits will not be dropped for non payment from the institution as long as eligibility is provided to the MSSC by payment deadline
  • Proof of eligibility is for any VA education benefit (Ch. 30, Ch. 33, Ch. 35, Ch. 1606), Vocational Rehabilitation (Ch. 31), DoD Tuition Assistance, and Hazlewood

Office of Student Life

Phone: 915.747.5648

The Office of Student Life strives to create an environment where every student flourishes and is actively engaged in the University community. We are directly responsible for the leadership and administration of several departments including but not limited to Residence Life, the Student Development Center, Women’s Resource Center, International Programs, Recreational Sports and Student Publications. The Office of Student Life is directly responsible for the following services and/or initiatives:

  1. Student Conduct (General misconduct and academic integrity)
  2. Dean Certifications (Background checks, certification for graduate school and Board of Law Examiners)
  3. UTEP Mine Tracker (Co-curriculum and co-curricular transcript)
  4. Student Travel

Professional and Public Programs (P3)

Phone: 915.747.5142

The role of the Professional and Public Programs (P3) office is to offer a variety of continuing education and professional development opportunities, along with credit course offerings. P3 consists of ten major program areas:

  1. Credit Courses are designed to meet the needs of students at various stages of their careers and education-attainment levels. All credit courses are accredited and are transferable to degree programs at UTEP.
  2. Community Programs offer short courses quarterly for personal and professional enrichment for adults and youth.
  3. Career Development Programs offer courses that provide individual professional growth.
  4. Business, Manufacturing, and Professional Programs offer opportunities for individuals of varying levels of experience from both the public and private sectors to develop new skills, meet license or certification renewal requirements, and update knowledge.
  5. Technology Education Programs provide critical training for a broad range of computer software and user levels to the general public and business community.
  6. The English Language Institute (ELI) conducts intensive English training on a full-time basis to prepare students for the TOEFL and the PTE Academic.
  7. Faculty and Staff Training and Development provides training offerings to University employees through the One-Stop Training Shop offered in collaboration with the University’s Human Resource Services office.
  8. Summer Athletic Camps: P3 oversees the athletic camps offered by the various UTEP NCAA Athletic programs.
  9. Advanced Placement Summer Institute trains area teachers and administrators to prepare students for the AP exam.
  10. The Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) is an educational program planned and operated by and for individuals fifty (50) years of age or older. The CLL provides learning opportunities for those eager and willing to learn and take an active role in renewing or expanding their education and enriching their lives.

For more information call or visit the P3 office at Kelly Hall, Room 102.

Recreational Sports

Phone: 915.747.5103

The Recreational Sports department provides an opportunity for each member of the University community to voluntarily participate in a wide variety of sports and leisure activities.

  • Intramural Sports Program offers approximately 40 activities for men and women with a valid UTEP ID.
  • Outdoor Adventure Program offers equipment rental and outdoor trips to UTEP students, staff and faculty.
  • Challenge Course is a half-day or full-day team-development program.
  • Fitness Programs are non-credit exercise classes offered to UTEP students, staff and faculty at a minimal fee.
  • Sports Clubs are available for registered UTEP students who want to participate in extramural competition.
  • Open Recreation provides the use of sport facilities for leisure play. Equipment is provided with a valid UTEP ID.
  • Swimming and Fitness Center consists of an exercise facility with cardio machines, weight machines, free weights and two swimming pools.

For further information visit the Recreational Sports Web site or call Memorial Gym at 915.747.5103 or the Swimming and Fitness Center at 915.747.8100.

Residence Life

Phone: 915.747.5352

While there are several offices and departments on campus that are devoted to student success, there is only one that welcomes students home! Since 2001, the dedicated Housing and Residence Life staff of has served the students of UTEP in some of the most modern facilities in the state of Texas. All apartments are fully furnished, with local telephone service, basic cable, refrigerated air, and internet connections. There are laundry facilities, a sand volleyball court, basketball court and off-campus restaurants and stores in walking distance.

Whether you are a student-athlete with a busy season ahead, an international student visiting the United States for the first time, or an El Paso native looking for a new experience away from home, Residence Life offers students a unique on-campus environment…and the skills needed to be a responsible student, roommate, and citizen.

Special Events

Phone: 915.747.5481

“There is no business like show business!” For more than a decade the Office of Special Events has been dedicated to bringing quality entertainment to the UTEP and El Paso communities.

The office operates as a full production house in the booking of UTEP’s special event facilities: Sun Bowl Stadium, Don Haskins Center, and Magoffin Auditorium. A variety of events are presented each year. Past events include Juanes, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Fleetwood Mac, Cher, Shakira, The Eagles, Ricky Martin, NSYNC, The Rolling Stones, HBO’s Oscar de la Hoya Fight, WWE, and international soccer Pumas vs. Tigres and many others.

The Office of Special Events is also responsible for the programming of the Wednesday Music Café FREE Concert Series, the Union Exhibition Gallery and the Art and Foreign Film series, host of the Cinema Novo Film Society of El Paso, the only art-film society in the city.

Student Engagement and Leadership Center

Phone: 915.747.5670

The Student Engagement and Leadership Center is a one-stop clearinghouse of information and resources for UTEP students who are or want to become involved, in campus life. The Student Engagement and Leadership Center provides students with opportunities to get involved in leadership activities, campus activities, health awareness, diversity initiatives, student organizations and Greek Life.

The Student Engagement and Leadership Center works with more than 200 student organizations on campus. These organizations are categorized as Academic/Professional, Advocacy, Graduate, Greek, Governing, Honorary, International, Professional, Recreational, religious/Spiritual, Service, Special Interest, Social, and School/Community Spirit. The Student Engagement and Leadership Center provides a variety of programs to enhance student organizations through personal consultations, publications and workshops. Please visit the Student Engagement and Leadership Center Web Site for more information on how to start an organization and to view helpful links for student organizations.

Student Government Association

Phone: 915.747.5584

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice of the student body. The SGA maintains an open channel of communication between the student body and the university administration by voicing to the University administration the concerns of the student body and informing students about changes in policy that will affect campus life and student activities. SGA’s goal is to make every student’s college experience a complete one, developing them both academically and personally.

SGA takes pride in the diversity of the student body and is dedicated to providing assistance to and support for all student organizations and campus activities whenever possible. Recognizing the campus’ unique diversity, SGA works to assure that every student or group of students is treated with respect and dignity to maintain an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding among all members of the campus community.

Student Health Center


The Student Health Center (SHC) is located on the first floor of the Union East building and offers confidential health care services to all University students presenting a valid UTEP ID. Services (many free or at reduced rates) include office visits, nutritional counseling, HIV/AIDS testing (which is conducted every Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to noon), laboratory tests, pap smears, and vaccinations

Referrals outside the Student Health Center for stitches, X-rays, specialists, and other medical services and treatments are at the student’s own expense. All emergencies are referred to local hospitals. Minor illness, injury or health concerns are treated by the SHC’s professional staff.

Student insurance is available and recommended for every student who does not have insurance coverage. Information on student health insurance can be obtained by calling 888.344.6105.

Student Publications

Phone: 915.747.5161

Working with student publications offers motivated students the opportunity to gain hands-on, professional experience in a variety of facets of publishing through The Prospector, a semi-weekly student newspaper, and Minero Magazine, a bilingual, bicultural publication produced once each fall and spring semester.

The Student Publications department provides a professional environment using the latest computer based publishing technology, where students receive training to become reporters, photographers, graphic designers, editors, or advertising sales representatives. Students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 and be enrolled for at least nine (9) undergraduate hours or six (6) graduate-level hours.

To ensure freedom of expression, a Student Publications Committee, composed of UTEP faculty, staff and students, oversees the student-produced publications. Student Publications’ mission is to produce talented, ethical, and well-qualified journalists, photographers, designers, and advertising professionals through experiential training that will lead them to successfully pursue and thrive in their chosen careers.

Student Support Services Program (SSSP)

Phone: 915.747.5349

This federally funded TRIO program provides intensive academic and personal support for first-generation, economically disadvantaged students with academic need from their freshman year through graduation. First-year participants are enrolled in learning communities for two semesters to help them adjust to the demands of college. Transfer participants can take advantage of tutoring and workshops geared at enhancing both their academic and post-graduation goals.  Students interested in applying for the program can get more information in Room 211, Union East.


Phone: 915.747.5711

The Union Building is the community center for the University of Texas at El Paso. Its primary goal is to provide services and facilities for the University community in support of the academic and student development mission of the University.

As the epicenter of the campus, the Union Building serves as a gathering place and provides an atmosphere that fosters the exchange of ideas representing the diverse backgrounds of members of the UTEP community.

The Union Services office is located in the Union Building, Room 307.

University Bookstore

Phone: 915.747.5594

The University Bookstore is responsible for stocking required academic textbooks and supplies for all students. The Bookstore also provides the University community a large variety of reference books, school and office supplies, computer software and accessories, calculators, UTEP apparel and gift items, commencement apparel and invitations, magazines, book buy-backs, special book and software orders, specialty plaques, and computer hardware orders. The University Bookstore is managed and operated by Follett Higher Education Group.

University Career Center


The University Career Center, as part of the Division of Student Affairs, provides programs and services designed to foster the career development of UTEP students and alumni from all academic disciplines.

Toward this end, the Department provides the following services:

  • Career Advising
  • Resource Center (career development literature, employer information, and on-line resources)
  • Career Development Activities and Workshops (resume writing, interviewing, job search correspondence, etc.)
  • Resume and Cover Letter Reviews
  • Job Listings and Referrals (part-time student employment, cooperative education and internship opportunities, and professional employment)
  • Experiential Learning Program (career-related experience for college students)
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Career Fairs

Students are encouraged to visit the University Career Center early in their university career to develop a personalized career-development action plan. Career counseling services are offered by the University Counseling Center.

University Counseling Center

Phone: 915.747.5302

The University Counseling Center provides free, confidential services in Spanish and English to currently enrolled UTEP students. Services include career counseling to help students clarify their academic or career goals and overcome obstacles to learning and decision making. The Center also provides personal counseling to address issues that can affect a student’s ability to perform optimally in his or her academic and professional endeavors. In addition, the University Counseling Center provides educational workshops, outreach programs, and self-help resources on everything from stress and time management to self-esteem and relationship issues. Hours of operations are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday with extended hours (open until 7:00 p.m.) during the fall and spring semesters on Mondays and Tuesdays.

University Heights Early Learning Center

Phone: 915.532.1114

Child care is available for children of all students, staff, and faculty of the University. The Adelante Child Development Center is managed and operated by Adelante Childcare, Inc. and is located at 315 W. Schuster. Children age three months to 12 years are accepted, depending on space availability (hourly, daily, weekly care available; Summer Camp for school age children). Age appropriate early childhood developmental programs and activities are offered as part of the overall curriculum. The Adelante Child Development Center is licensed by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services. Financial assistance is available for qualifying parents through Child Care Services.

Women’s Resource Center

Phone: 915.747.5291

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) empowers women to achieve their holistic (personal, academic, professional and spiritual) goals and promotes social justice through education programs, support groups, and a safe environment to foster health and wholeness in all people. The WRC provides students a library of books, magazines, videotapes, and health-related brochures as well as access to a computer lab. There is also a microwave, refrigerator, and telephone designated for student use. The WRC’s knowledgeable staff offers community resource information and networking opportunities. These services are available to women and men who identify as allies, including staff, faculty, and families.

The WRC is a welcoming space for lesbian, gay, transgender, queer and intersexed (LGBTQI) community members. It is committed to promoting an environment free from hatred and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. The WRC empowers everyone to be authentic and share their experiences. Students will find understanding and acceptance here. The WRC is located in Union West 112.