Minor in Biological Sciences

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Degree Plan

Required Courses: C
BIOL 1107Topics in Study of Life I1
BIOL 1305General Biology3
BIOL 1306Organismal Biology3
BIOL 1108Organismal Biology Laboratory1
Select ten additional hours of which nine must be upper-division (check prerequisites).10
Total Hours18


BIOL 2311Human Anat/Physiology I3
BIOL 2111Human Anat/Physio Lab I1
BIOL 2313Human Anat/Physiology II3
BIOL 2113Human Anat/Physio Lab II1
BIOL 3117Ecology Laboratory1
BIOL 3192Professional Development Sem.1
BIOL 3316Ecology3
BIOL 3320Genetics3
BIOL 3321Evolution3
BIOL 3330Histology3
BIOL 3342Plants and People3
BIOL 3351Toxicology3
BIOL 3357Forensic DNA Analysis3
BIOL 3360Quantitative Methods Ecology3
BIOL 3417Plant Ecology4
BIOL 3427Desert Ecology4
BIOL 4195Advanced Methods in Biology1
BIOL 4198Special Problems1
BIOL 4223Trans Electron Microscopy2
BIOL 4225Field Biology2
BIOL 4298Special Problems2
BIOL 4320Endocrinology3
BIOL 4322Biol Ultrastruc Interpretation3
BIOL 4324Genetic, Env & Evol - Anim Beh3
BIOL 4325Field Biology3
BIOL 4326Bioarchaeology3
BIOL 4327Animal Ecology3
BIOL 4330Cancer Biology3
BIOL 4370History/Philosophy-Biology3
BIOL 4388Mammalian Physiology3
BIOL 4390Biological Practicum3
BIOL 4395Topics in Biology3
BIOL 4398Special Problems3
BIOL 4428Environmnt Stressor in Ecosyst4
BIOL 4466Ecosystem Ecology4
BOT 2410General Botany4
BOT 3330Comparative Plant Morphology3
BOT 3437Plant Diversity & Systematics4
MICR 2141Gen Microbiology Laboratory1
MICR 2340General Microbiology3
MICR 3144Pathogenic Microbiology Lab1
MICR 3146Microbial Physiology Lab1
MICR 3328Microorganisms in Ecosystems3
MICR 3343Pathogenic Microbiology3
MICR 3345Microbial Physiology3
MICR 3449Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics4
MICR 4154Immunology Laboratory1
MICR 4329Epidemiology3
MICR 4351General Virology3
MICR 4353Immunology3
MICR 4355Medical Mycology3
ZOOL 2406Vertebrate Zoology4
ZOOL 2466Invertebrate Zoology4
ZOOL 3464Medical Parasitology4
ZOOL 3468Entomology4
ZOOL 41551
ZOOL 4157Adv Vertebrate Paleontology1
ZOOL 4181Vertebrate Physiology Methods1
ZOOL 4354Paleozoic & Mesozoic Vert Pale3
ZOOL 4356Cenozoic Vertebrate Paleontol3
ZOOL 4380Vertebrate Physiology3
ZOOL 4384Neurobiology3
ZOOL 4476Fish, Amphibians, and Reptiles4
ZOOL 4478Birds and Mammals4