BA in Security Studies Online

Program Coordinator: Carmen Medellin 
Faculty: Coulthart, Duke, Valero
Adjunct Faculty: Barragan, Caire, Cross, Gorman, Hamm, Leiman, Lott, Morris, Rinehart, Rockwell, Ulatowski 

Kelly Hall, Room 213B
(915) 747-6906

The online Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies is designed to provide students with a comprehensive, critical examination of the contemporary security environment and the ability to understand and analyze complex security problems confronting the United States and international community.  This specialized online degree has been developed primarily with active homeland security, intelligence, law enforcement, and military professionals in mind; and who are seeking undergraduate degree completion in a field of study highly relevant and practical for their careers.  This undergraduate program is also very useful for students wanting to enter into these fields.  All qualified prospective students are welcome to apply for admission.  Students completing this rigorous undergraduate program are well prepared for graduate study in Security Studies or a closely related field and/or are equipped academically and professional to make an immediate impact in a host of security-related careers.


Program Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 120 semester hours.
  2. Fulfill the general education, block electives, and foreign language core requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Liberal Arts. 
    1. Security Studies majors need to fulfill the mathematics requirement by taking MATH 1320. 
  3. Complete six (6) credit hours of intermediate levels Spanish. Pre-requisites may exist before taking the intermediate level courses. Spanish is the only foreign language available online. 

Major Requirements (48 semester hours)

The major requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies consists of 16 required courses (48 semester hours).  This total is exclusive of UTEP's Core Curriculum requirements and the College of Liberal Arts General Education block elective and language requirements.

All courses are offered in an intensive, 7 week online format for maximum scheduling flexibility for full-time, working students.  This rigorous, but ultimately convenient undergraduate program can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis.

This undergraduate program consists of required major courses at the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior level.  There are no major course electives.  All students take a standard program of required major courses.  This highly specialized online undergraduate degree does not have a minor requirement.

Freshman Level
INSS 1301History and Security3
INSS 1302Geography and Security3
Sophomore Level
INSS 2302Security Studies3
INSS 2303Writing for Security Prof.3
INSS 2304Statistics for Security Stud.3
INSS 2305Modern Strategy3
Junior Level
INSS 3302Sem in Intel and Nat'l Sec3
INSS 3340Seminar in Homeland Security3
INSS 3348Cyberspace & National Security3
INSS 3349Security Operations3
Senior Level
INSS 4301Intel Collection & Analysis3
INSS 4302Intel & Transnational Threats3
INSS 4303Ethics and Security3
INSS 4347Critical Infrastructure Prtctn3
INSS 4380Cybersecurity3
INSS 4390Senior Capstone3

Academic Standards

Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better in order to earn the Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies.  Students with a semester GPA below 2.0 will be placed on academic probation by the program.  Students will have only twelve (12) semester hours (four courses) to return to "good" academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or better.  Those students failing to return to good academic standing after 12 semester hours may be dismissed from the undergraduate program.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 120

ESOL Students
Students who completed ESOL 1311 and ESOL 1312 will also need to complete ESOL 2303 with a grade of C or better.
University Core Curriculum
Complete the University Core Curriculum requirements.42
Security Studies Major
Required Courses:
INSS 1301History and Security3
INSS 1302Geography and Security3
INSS 2302Security Studies3
INSS 2303Writing for Security Prof.3
INSS 2304Statistics for Security Stud.3
INSS 2305Modern Strategy3
Upper-Division Coursework:
Select one of the following:3
Sem in Intel and Nat'l Sec
Seminar in Homeland Security
Cyberspace & National Security
Security Operations
Intel Collection & Analysis
Intel & Transnational Threats
Ethics and Security
Critical Infrastructure Prtctn
Senior Capstone
Major Electives:
Select six additional hours6
Foreign Language
Select a sequence from the following options: 16
Intermediate Arabic I
and Intermediate Arabic II
Interm Spanish One Non-Nat Spk
and Interm Spanish Two Non-Nat Spk
Spanish For Spanish Spkrs One
and Spanish for Spanish Spkrs Two
Intensive Intermediate Spanish
Intensive Span for Span Speak
French Three
and French Four
German Three
and German Four
Accelerated Latin One
and Accelerated Latin Two
Intermediate Portguese I
and Intermediate Portuguese II
Intensive Language Study
and Intensive Language Study
Intermediate Chinese I
and Intermediate Chinese II
Block Electives
Complete eighteen upper-division hours from the blocks below, with three to nine hours in each18
Total Hours120

University Core Curriculum

NOTE: The department may make specific suggestions for courses which are most applicable towards your major.

Psychology and Criminal Justice majors and minors are required to take MATH 1320 Math for Social Sciences I or a higher level Calculus course.

Business majors are required to take MATH 1320 Math for Social Sciences I or a higher level Calculus course.

NOTE: All courses require a C or better


Select six hours of the following: (Note: ESL students should take ESOL 1300 & ESOL 13126
Written and Oral Communication
Writing About Literature
Rhetoric & Composition I
Rhetoric & Composition 2
Rhetoric, Composition & Comm
Expos Engl Compos-Spkr Esl 1
Res & Crit Writng Spkr Esl 1
Total Hours6

American History

Required Courses:
HIST 1301History of U.S. to 18653
HIST 1302History of U.S. Since 18653
Total Hours6

Language, Philosophy & Culture 

Select one of the following:3
English Literature
English Literature
Intro to American Fiction
Intro to American Drama
Intro to American Poetry
Making of the "Other" Americas
World History to 1500
World History Since 1500
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduct to Religious Studies
Seeing & Naming: Conversations
Introduction to Womens Studies
Global Feminisms
Total Hours3


Select one of the following:3
Math in the Modern World
Math for Social Sciences I
Calculus I
Calculus I - Part A
Calculus I - Part B
Calculus I - Part C
Pre-calculus - Part A
Pre-calculus - Part B
Pre-calculus - Part C
Math for Social Sciences II
Descriptive & Inferential Stat
Elementary Statistical Methods
Total Hours3

Life & Physical Sciences - Lab 

Select one of the following:1-4
Astronomy Lab I
Introductory Biology Lab
Human Biology Laboratory
Topics in Study of Life I
Organismal Biology Laboratory
Human Anat/Physio Lab I
Human Anat/Physio Lab II
Laboratory for CHEM 1305
Laboratory for CHEM 1306
Introductory Chemistry
Introductory Chemistry
Environmental Sci. Lab
Non-major Lab for ESCI 1301
Laboratory for GEOG 1306
Lab for GEOL 1314
Lab for GEOL 1313
Principles of Earth Sci - Lab
Laboratory for Geology 1212
General Physics I
General Physics II
Introductory Mechanics
Introductory Electromagnetism
Total Hours1-4

Life and Physical Sciences 

A minimum of two semesters of lecture and one semester of laboratory associated with one of the courses, or two semesters of combined (3 credit) lecture-laboratory courses (Only six hours apply toward the required 42.) 

Select six hours of the following: 16
Astronomy Lab I
Elem Astronomy-Solar System
Elem Astr Stars & Galaxies
Introductory Biology Lab
Human Biology Laboratory
Topics in Study of Life I
Organismal Biology Laboratory
Introductory Biology
Human Biology
General Biology
Organismal Biology
Human Anat/Physio Lab I
Human Anat/Physio Lab II
Human Anat/Physiology I
Human Anat/Physiology II
Laboratory for CHEM 1305
Laboratory for CHEM 1306
General Chemistry
General Chemistry
Introductory Chemistry
Introductory Chemistry
Environmental Sci. Lab
Non-major Lab for ESCI 1301
Intro to Environmental Sci
Laboratory for GEOG 1306
Physical Geography
Lab for GEOL 1313
Lab for GEOL 1314
Principles of Earth Sci - Lab
Laboratory for Geology 1212
Principles of Earth Sciences
Principles of Earth Science
The Blue Planet
Natural Hazards
Intro to Physical Geology
Intro to Historical Geol
Fundamentals of Nutrition
Wellness Dynamics
Microorganisms and Disease
General Physics I
General Physics II
Introductory Mechanics
Introductory Electromagnetism
Total Hours6

Political Science 

Required Courses:
POLS 2310Introduction to Politics3
POLS 2311American Gover & Politics3
Total Hours6

Social and Behavioral Sciences 

Select one of the following:3
Intro-Phys Anth/Archeolog
Intro-Cultural Anthropology
Cultural Geography
Intro to Linguistics
Econ for Engrs & Scientists
Interpersonal Communication
Mass Media and Society
Principles of Economics
Principles of Economics
Introduction to Ed Psychology
Action Research in Classrooms
Introduction to Linguistics
Cultural Geography
An Intro. to Linguistics
Lang. Inside & Out: Sel Topics
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Cultural Geography
Total Hours3

 Creative Arts

Select one of the following:3
Art Appreciation
History of Art I
History of Art II
Dance Appreciation
Intro-Art of Motion Pict.
Intro to Music History
Music Appreciation
Jazz to Rock
Introduction to Theatre
Total Hours3

Component Area Option

Select two of the following:6
Intro to Global Business
Public Speaking
Business/Profession Comm
Intro-Computational Thinking
Computer Programming Sci/Engr
Inquiry in Math & Science
Seminar/Critical Inquiry
Total Hours6

Block Electives

(Core courses and courses from major or minor area cannot be counted as block electives)

Fine and Performing Arts

ART 3300Art Exploration3
ARTE 3307Introduction to Art Education3
ARTH 3353Pre-Columb Art & Arch3
CHIC 3302Chicano Cinema3
CHIC 3303Border Image in Mexican Film3
CHIC 3304Chicano/Latino Music in the US3
DANC 3303History of Dance as a Perf Art3
DANC 3322World Dance3
DANC 3347Jazz & Other Stage Danc Form I3
DANC 3348American Dance Forms - Jazz3
FILM 3302Chicano Cinema3
FILM 3303The Border Image in Mex. Film3
FILM 3315Screenwriting3
FILM 3391African-American Filmmakers3
FILM 3393Avant-Garde Cinema3
FILM 3394Documentary Cinema3
FILM 3395Women and Film3
FILM 4340Selected Topics/ Film Studies3
FREN 4389Acting Out:Spectacle & Stage3
MUSL 3324Intro to World Music3
MUSL 3325Music on the Border3
MUSL 3326Social History of Rock3
MUSL 3327History of Jazz3
MUSL 3329Topics in Music Hist & Culture3
MUSL 3331Musical Instruments3
MUSL 3332Music and Film3
MUSL 3333Arabic Music3
MUSL 3334Ethnomusicology3
SPAN 4341Modern Drama3
THEA 3301Scene Study I3
THEA 3335Contemp Hispanic Thea & Drama3
THEA 3340History of Costume Design3
THEA 3341Principles of Costuming3
THEA 3342Lighting Design3
THEA 3343Scenic Painting3
THEA 3350Creative Drama3
THEA 3351Theatre Hist and Literature I3
THEA 3352Theatre Hist and Literature II3
THEA 3355Broadway Musicals-A History3
THEA 3356Women in Drama3
THEA 4304Theatre Pract/Non-Majors3
WS 3331Gender & Popular Culture3
WS 3333Gndr, Ethncty in Contemp Art3
WS 3335Feminist Film3
WS 3382Gender Issues in the Arts3


AFST 3390Topics in African/Amer Studies3
CHIC 3301La Chicana3
CHIC 3311Chicano Studies: Societal Issu3
CHIC 4301Chicano Legal History3
CRW 3362Intro to Creative Writing3
CRW 3373Writing in Society3
ENGL 3300Intro. to Literary Studies3
ENGL 3301Literary Studies3
ENGL 3302Literature and Film3
ENGL 3304Gothic Literature3
ENGL 3305Children's Literature3
ENGL 3306Young Adult Literature3
ENGL 3309Detective Fiction3
ENGL 3310Chicana/o Literature3
ENGL 3311American Literature to 18653
ENGL 3312Am. Literature 1865 to Present3
ENGL 3315African American Literature3
ENGL 3316Native American Literature3
ENGL 3317Postcolonial Literature3
ENGL 3318British Literature Before 14853
ENGL 3319Sixteenth-Cent. Prose & Poetry3
ENGL 3320Shakespeare3
ENGL 3321Shakespeare's Plays and Poetry3
ENGL 332317th Century Prose and Poetry3
ENGL 3325Literature of the Bible3
ENGL 3327Jewish American Literature3
ENGL 3328Holocaust Literature and Film3
ENGL 3330Restoration & 18th Century Lit3
ENGL 3331World Literature3
ENGL 3333Romantic Literature3
ENGL 3337Victorian Literature3
ENGL 3341History of Form I3
ENGL 3342History of Form II3
ENGL 3344Am. Poetry 1900 to Present3
ENGL 3360Women in Literature3
ENGL 3371Southwestern Literature3
ENGL 3372Folklore and Mythology3
ENGL 3374Folklore Of Mexican American3
ENGL 4308Chaucer3
ENGL 4309Milton3
ENGL 4314Literary Criticism3
ENGL 4316Am. Nonfiction/Poetry To 19003
ENGL 4317American Fiction To 19003
ENGL 4318Early 20TH Cent Am. Fiction3
ENGL 4319Am. Fiction 1945 to Present3
ENGL 4322The American Drama3
ENGL 4325British Drama Since 18803
ENGL 4340Advanced Literary Studies3
ENGL 4347British Novel thru 18th Cent3
ENGL 4348British Novel: 19th Century3
ENGL 4349British Novel: 20th Century3
ENGL 4350Maj Am. Writer(s) through 19003
ENGL 4351Maj Am Writer(s) since 19003
FREN 3301French Literature to 17153
FREN 3303French Literature Since 17153
FREN 3320French Civilization3
FREN 3355Assuming the Power of Speech3
FREN 4387Poetry, Art of Ages:Lai to Rai3
FREN 4388Pleasure of Text: Genre, Narra3
FREN 4389Acting Out:Spectacle & Stage3
FREN 4390Topics in French3
all HIST 3300 - HIST 4300 except HIST 4325, HIST 4330, HIST 4390
all HUMN 3300 - HUMN 4300
JS 3300 - JS 4300
LABS 3300The Americas3
LABS 3301The Border3
LING 3313English Historical Linguistics3
LING 3315History of Spanish Language3
MS 3313U.S. Military History3
all PHIL 3300 - PHIL 4300
PORT 4390Topics in Portuguese3
all RS 3300 - RS 4300
RWS 3355Workplace Writing3
RWS 3359Technical Writing3
all SPAN 3300 - SPAN 4300 except SPAN 3309, SPAN 3311, SPAN 4301
WS 3351Gender & Religion3
WS 3360Women in Literature3
WS 3383Gender Issues in Humanities3
WS 3392The Three Waves of Feminism3
WS 4310Feminist Theory3

Social and Behavioral Sciences

AFST 4304Envir. Just. & Min. Comm. U.S.3
all ANTH 3300 - ANTH 4300
CHIC 3301La Chicana3
CHIC 3311Chicano Studies: Societal Issu3
CHIC 3339Cultural Diversity & Youth: US3
CHIC 4301Chicano Legal History3
CHIC 4304Envir. Just. & Min. Comm U.S.3
CHIC 4306Comm Formation on US/MX Border3
CHIC 4307Hispanic Entrepreneurship3
COMM 3322Communication and Conflict3
COMM 3323Comm & Org Leadership3
COMM 3344Media Programming for Radio/TV3
COMM 3345Media Scriptwriting3
COMM 3353Intercultural Communication3
COMM 3354Small Group3
COMM 3355Organizational Communication3
COMM 4341Media Announcing & Performance3
COMM 4350Selected Topics3
COMM 4352Contemporary Rhetoric3
COMM 4360Environmental Communication3
COMM 4361Environmental Conflict & Comm3
COMM 4362Gender and Communication3
COMM 4363Political Communication3
COMM 4364Communicating Positive Devian3
COMM 4365Comm Healthy Communities3
COMM 4366Communication of Public Herit3
COMM 4368Borderlands Communication3
CRIJ 3321Family Violence3
CRIJ 3351Crim Just on US-Mexico Border3
CRIJ 4303Crime, Criminal Justice & Film3
CRIJ 4311Immigration Law and Admin3
INSS 3301Historical Dev of Nat'l Sec3
INSS 3302Sem in Intel and Nat'l Sec3
INSS 4350Selected Problems in Intel3
INSS 4351Professional Practices3
LABS 3300The Americas3
LABS 3301The Border3
LABS 4301Topics Lat Amer/Border Stud3
LEAD 3300Contemporary Theories of Lead3
all LING 3300 - LING 4300 except LING 3313, LING 3315
all POLS 3300 - POLS 4300
PSYC 3315Psychology and the Law3
PSYC 4309History & Systems Psychology3
PSYC 4316Language and Cognition3
all SOCI 3300 - SOCI 4300
WS 3301La Chicana3
WS 3370Gender Roles & Society3
WS 3372Women & Work in the Sex Indust3
WS 3380Social Justice Values at Work3
WS 3384Gender Issues in Social Scincs3
WS 4310Feminist Theory3
WS 4360Jr/Sr Seminar/Women's Studies3
RWS 3345Editing3
RWS 3355Workplace Writing3
RWS 3357Issues in Tech & Rethoric3
RWS 3358Special Topics in Writing3
RWS 3359Technical Writing3
RWS 3365Adv Composition:Rhet Theory3
RWS 3366Advanced Composition: Argument3
RWS 4300Senior Writing Practicum3

 The courses below will apply to different blocks based on the term and section completed

  • Please see dept or schedule book (online) for details