Minor in Political Science: Public Administration and Service

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Degree Plan

This area requires a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Required Courses:9
Intro to Public Administration
Research in Political Science
Select two courses of the following:6
The Public Policy Process
State and Local Administration
Non-Profit Organizations
Leadership/Civic Participation
Special Topics in Public Admin
Urban Planning
Upper-Division POLS:
Select three hours from Upper-Division POLS3
Total Hours18

Upper-Division POLS 

POLS 3312Party System, Campaigns Elect.3
POLS 3313Pub Opinion/Media & Technology3
POLS 3314Ethnicity & Race In Amer Pol3
POLS 3315Judicial Process3
POLS 3320Constitutional Law3
POLS 3321Civil Rights & Liberties3
POLS 3322Law and Society3
POLS 3323comparative courts3
POLS 3332Political Geography3
POLS 3334Politics in World Regions3
POLS 3337Latin American Politics3
POLS 3339Comparative Political Systems3
POLS 3340Western Political Heritage I3
POLS 3341Western Political Heritage II3
POLS 3342American Political Thought3
POLS 3345Democracy and Democratization3
POLS 3351The Public Policy Process3
POLS 3353State and Local Administration3
POLS 3354Internship3
POLS 3360International Relations3
POLS 3361International Security3
POLS 3362International Law and Politics3
POLS 3365Political Simulations3
POLS 4300Adv Rsrch Methods/Pol Science3
POLS 4304Envir. Just. & Min. Comm U.S.3
POLS 4310American Legislatures3
POLS 4311The Presidency3
POLS 4313Southwestern Border Politics3
POLS 4314Women, Power and Politics3
POLS 4315Latinos In Amer Political Syst3
POLS 4317U.S. Constitutional Structure3
POLS 4318Teaching Democracy3
POLS 4319Special Topics in Am. Politics3
POLS 4320Judicial Politics3
POLS 4322Legal Reasoning3
POLS 4323Courts in Action3
POLS 4324Introduction to Private Law3
POLS 4325Spec Topics in Law & Politics3
POLS 4326International Law and the US3
POLS 4327Intl. and Regional Courts3
POLS 4330Foreign Policy of the U.S.3
POLS 4333European Political Systems3
POLS 4337The Politics of Mexico3
POLS 4339US-Latin American Relations3
POLS 4340The American Constitution3
POLS 4342Contemporary Political Thought3
POLS 4344Sp Topics in Political Theory3
POLS 4346Russia's Challenges/21st Cent3
POLS 4347European Union Politics3
POLS 4348Politics/Developing Countries3
POLS 4350Sp Topics in Comparative Gov3
POLS 4356Non-Profit Organizations3
POLS 4357Leadership/Civic Participation3
POLS 4358Special Topics in Public Admin3
POLS 4359Urban Planning3
POLS 4363North American Relations3
POLS 4364Internat'l Political Economy3
POLS 4365International Organizations3
POLS 4366Sp Topics/Internat'l Relations3
POLS 4367Ethnic Conflict and Civil Wars3
POLS 4368Conflict Analysis3
POLS 4370Independent Reading in Pol Sci3
POLS 4392Advanced Analysis of Politics3
POLS 4399Senior Capstone3