Minor in Inter-American Jewish Studies


A broad, flexible, interdisciplinary minor designed for undergraduates to gain an understanding of Jewish civilization and its creative and cultural experiences. The minor, which is non-theological in orientation, is an academic exploration of the multi-faceted, socio-historical, 4,000-year record of Jewish people. Courses taught in and cross-listed with the minor highlight the diversity of cultural, political, social, and religious experiences of Jewish people in different times and places. The minor is structured to provide an in-depth liberal arts education that will constitute a foundation for advanced academic study, professional careers in a variety of fields, and a more complex and rich understanding of the world. A key component of the minor is an examination of the rich cultural tradition of the Jewish people of Mexico and Latin America.

Degree Plan

Select eighteen hours of upper-division course from the Inter-American Jewish Studies minor course offerings: 118
Ancient Cultures
Faith and Reason
Modern Culture & Thought
Special Topics in Humanities
Total Hours18