Office of Academic Affairs

Professional and Public Programs

Professional and Public Programs (P3)
Phone Number: (915) 747-5142

The role of the P3 is to offer a variety of continuing education and professional development opportunities,
along with credit course offerings. P3 consists of ten major program areas:

  1. Credit Courses are designed to meet the needs of students at various stages of their careers programs at UTEP.
  2. Community Programs offer short courses quarterly for personal and professional enrichment for adults and youth.
  3. Career Development Programs offer courses that provide individual professional growth.
  4. Business, Manufacturing, and Professional Programs offer opportunities for individuals of varying levels of experience from both the public and private sectors to develop new skills, meet license or certification renewal requirements, and update knowledge.
  5. Technology Education Programs provide critical training for a broad range of computer software and user levels to the general public and business community.
  6. The English Language Institute (ELI) conducts intensive English training on a full-time basis for the TOEFL to enter UTEP.
  7. Faculty and Staff Training and Development provides training offerings to University employees through the One-Stop Training Shop offered in collaboration with the University’s Human Resource Services office.
  8. Summer Athletic Camps: P3 oversees the athletic camps offered by the various UTEP NCAA Athletic programs.
  9. Advanced Placement Summer Institute trains area teachers and administrators to prepare students for the AP exam.
  10. The Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) is an educational program planned and operated by and for individuals fifty years of age or older. The CLL provides learning opportunities for those eager and willing to learn and take an active role in renewing or expanding their education and enriching their lives.

For more information contact P3 at 915.747.5142 or visit the office in Kelly Hall.