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Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Information Science and Technology

Geological Sciences

This Graduate Certificate program will provide training for students to gain knowledge and skills necessary to employ Geospatial Information Science and Technology (GIST) in their field of expertise. GIST is a collective term used to describe geographic information systems, remote sensing, global positioning, internet mapping, and other approaches for collecting, managing, analyzing, and visualizing data with spatial attributes. The program combines training in core GIST concepts and exposure to how GIST is being applied in different disciplines. Students will become experienced using the leading industry system ESRI’s ArcGIS, as well as other proprietary and open source systems such as ENVI and QGIS. This program is appropriate for students from many disciplines and is especially relevant to students from geology, environmental science, social science, intelligence and national security studies, and civil or mechanical engineering.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program requires an application to the program through the graduate school. This can occur at the same time students apply to another graduate program. Students who have already been admitted to another graduate program must separately apply to this program. There are no prerequisite courses, although knowledge of some programming, statistics, and/or mathematics is helpful.

Degree Plan 

Credit hours: 15

Required courses
GEOL 5321Introduction to GIST3
GEOL 5322Advanced GIST3
Technical Electives3
Select one course from the list below:
Computer Vision
Image Processing
Intro to Remote Sensing Syst
Spat Analysis Earth/Env Sci
Directed Study in Geology
Intro to Remote Sensing
Digital Image Processing
Cartography & Visualization
Applied Courses3
Select one course from the list below:
Select Adv Topics Biol Science
Computer Appl in Earth Sci
Spat Analysis Earth/Env Sci
Directed Study in Geology
Geospatial Intelligence
Select one additional course from Technical Electives or Applied Courses
Total Hours15