M.A. in Latin American Border Studies


The College of Liberal Arts offers an interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree with a major in Latin American and Border Studies.

Admission Requirements 

Admission to the MA program in Latin American and Border Studies will follow the general admissions requirements of the UTEP Graduate School. In addition, it will require a 3.0 minimum upper-division undergraduate GPA. Because the program is interdisciplinary, no specific undergraduate major is required. Students without any undergraduate credits in any area related to Latin America or Border studies can be required to complete up to nine (9) hours of undergraduate work in the area of Latin American and Border Studies.

Degree Requirements 

Courses freely elected by students: Each student will choose, in consultation with the academic advisor, six (6) to nine (9) hours of courses to complete the program.

Language requirement: All students must demonstrate oral, reading, and writing proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese. Substitutions can be made. If proficiency is not adequately demonstrated by sufficient coursework at the undergraduate level, including undergraduate education conducted in Spanish or Portuguese, a proficiency examination in Spanish or Portuguese is required the first semester of enrollment. Students who do not satisfy the proficiency requirements through this test must register for Spanish or Portuguese instruction until they pass the test.

Additional Policies: Students may select up to six (6) credit hours from upper-division undergraduate courses, as approved by the graduate committee. The instructor is expected to assign the student appropriate work for graduate-level credit.

Students can elect either the thesis or non-thesis option. In the capstone course LABS 5390, students are encouraged to incorporate field experience. Students are also encouraged to undertake other field experiences that might be part of the program in consultation with the program advisor. Transfer students will be admitted based.

Degree Plan

MA in Latin American Border St (All courses require a grade of C or better)
Required Courses:
LABS 5301Issues in Border Studies3
LABS 5302Contemporary Latin America3
LABS 5390Research in LA/Border Studies3
Prescribed Electives:
Select nine hours in one area of focus as prescribed by your advisor9
Thesis/Non-Thesis Option:
Select one sequence below:6
Thesis Option:
and Thesis
Non-thesis Option:
Select six additional hours of graduate courses with at least three being in your prescribed subject of study
Other Electives:
Select six additional hours of graduate courses6
Total Hours30

Graduate Courses

LABS 5304Spl Topics in the Humanities3
LABS 5305Spl Topics in Political Issues3
LABS 5306Spl Topics: Social/Cult Issues3
LABS 5307Internship in LABS3
LABS 5308Independent Study in LABS3
LABS 5389LABS Special Topics3
PAD 5145Professional Skills1
PAD 5190Selected Topics in Pub. Admin.1
PAD 5245Professional Skills2
PAD 5300Intro to Research Methods3
PAD 5301Qual Rsrch Methods for Pub Adm3
PAD 5310Pub. Policy Process & Institut3
PAD 5311Econ Anal for Public Admin3
PAD 5340Pro-Seminar-Homeland Security3
PAD 5341Legal Issues-Homeland Security3
PAD 5342Risk Analysis3
PAD 5343Crime and Border Security3
PAD 5344Emergency Management3
PAD 5345Professional Skills3
PAD 5346Public Hlth & Hmland Security3
PAD 5347Critical Infrastructure Protec3
PAD 5348Innovation and Problem Solving3
PAD 5350Organization Theory & Behavior3
PAD 5351Applied Stats for Public Admin3
PAD 5352Public Budgeting & Financ Mgmt3
PAD 5353Human Resources Management3
PAD 5354Admin Law and Regulation3
PAD 5355Comparative Pub Administration3
PAD 5356Soc Entrepren & Not/Prof Mgmt3
PAD 5358Admin. Ethics & Responsibility3
PAD 5359Regional and Urban Planning3
PAD 5360Urban Administration3
PAD 5361Political Economy of Borders3
PAD 5363Intergovernmental Relations3
PAD 5364Pub Part & Democratic Process3
PAD 5365Pol Anal & Decision Making3
PAD 5366Internship in Public Admin3
PAD 5367Comprehen Integration/Pub Adm3
PAD 5380Selected Problems in Pub Adm3
PAD 5398Thesis3
PAD 5399Thesis3
POLS 5300Sem In Quant Rsrch Methods I3
POLS 5301Sem in Qual Resrch Methods3
POLS 5302Sem Quant Research Methods II3
POLS 5310Seminar in Am. Pol. Behavior3
POLS 5315Sem. In Am. Inst. & Proc.3
POLS 5320Seminar In Public Law3
POLS 5330Seminar-International Politics3
POLS 5331Semina-Intn'l Organ/Intn'l Law3
POLS 5332Sem-Foreign Policy Dec Making3
POLS 5334Seminar-Comparative Pol. Dev.3
POLS 5336Sem-Southwestern Border Politi3
POLS 5338Sem. In Int. Pol. Econ.3
POLS 5339Sem. Comp. Pol. Institutions3
POLS 5343Seminar in Border Politics3
POLS 5344Seminar in Border Theory3
POLS 5346Sem in Pol Econ of Developmt3
POLS 5347Sem in International Security3
POLS 5348Sem in Politics of Latin Amer3
POLS 5349Seminar in Political Thought3
POLS 5364Seminar-Public Policy Analysis3
POLS 5368Seminar in Conflict Analysis3
POLS 5380Selected Problems-Government3
POLS 5393Final Paper Project3
POLS 5398Thesis3
POLS 5399Thesis3