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The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program, offered by the College of Engineering, combines graduate education in computer science and management.  The program is designed to provide graduate students from any academic discipline with education in the application and management of information technology.  The program provides applied knowledge of processes for developing information systems, of managing information, and of managing information technology organizations, with a common theme of information security.  Upon completion of this professional degree program, graduates will be able to:

Objective 1:  Know and apply processes for developing information systems.
Outcomes:    1-1 Manage user-centered design of information systems
                          1-2 Manage software development

Objective 2:  Know and apply tools for managing information
Outcomes:     2-1 Design databases and apply these to real-world problems
                           2-2 Assess the security of information systems

Objective 3:  Know and apply techniques for managing information technology organizations
Outcomes:     3-1 Manage financial resources of an IT organization
                           3-2 Manage the human resources of an IT organization
                           3-3 Use IT resources for the strategic benefit of the organization

Requirements for Admission

Applicants must have earned a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited university with a minimum upper-level undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and have taken the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).  Students whose college education was in a language other than English need a written TOEFL score of at least 600.  Applicants must also be able to demonstrate knowledge of the interaction between data structures and algorithms.  This can be demonstrated by completion of a course such as CS 2302 Data StructuresCIS 3355 Data Structures/Business Prog. or by other means determined by the program committee.

Requirements for the Degree

Thesis Option

Completion of 24 semester hours of course work plus 6 semester hours of thesis (CS 5398 and CS 5399).

Coursework Option

Completion of 30 semester hours of course work which may include 3 semester hours of project (CS 5396).

All students must successfully complete the following seven (7) courses:

CS 5317Human-Computer Interaction3
CS 5322Topics in Adv Database Systems *3
If the student has not had an undergraduate course in database management, he or she may take CS 4342 Database Management as part of the six credits of undergraduate coursework permitted toward a graduate degree.
CS 5339Secured Web-Based Systems3
CS 5380Software Engineering3
CS 5352Computer Security3
FIN 5311Financial Management3
MGMT 5336Effective Mgmt of Human Resour3
Total Hours21

If the student has not had an undergraduate course in database management, he or she may take CS 4342 Data Base Management as part of the six credits of undergraduate coursework permitted toward a graduate degree.

Examples of elective courses from the MBA program include:

Students complete their course requirements by selecting from courses offered as part of UTEP's MBA program and CS Master's program.  Course selections are subject to approval by the MSIT advisor commensurate with the student's background and the MSIT program goals.

ACCT 5311Accounting for Management3
CIS 5311MIS Theory and Practice3
CIS 5313Strategic Information Systems3
ECON 5311Managerial Economics3
ECON 5360Global Econ Environment-Mgrs3
MKT 5311Marketing Management3
OSCM 5308Concepts of Production Mgmt3
QMB 5311Quantitative Methods-Business3

Examples of elective courses from the Computer Science Master's program include (courses may have prerequisites):

CS 5303Logical Foundations of CS3
CS 5314Artificial Intelligence I3
CS 5315Theory of Computation3
CS 5319Topics in Language Processing3
CS 5334Parallel & Concurrent Program3
CS 5340Advanced Operating Systems3
CS 5341Advanced Computer Architecture3
CS 5350Advanced Algorithms3
CS 5351Interval Computations3
CS 5353Topics/Emerg.Comput Paradigms3
CS 5354Topics/Intelligent Computing3
CS 5381Topics in Software Engineering3
CS 5382Model-Based Software Devlpmnt3
CS 5383Topics in Software Assurance3

Coursework Option

Students who choose to complete the coursework option can take any two (2) UTEP graduate courses related to the application of technology to that academic discipline. (Approval of the Graduate Advisor is required.) Students can also use non-required courses to fulfill their coursework requirement. Students who elect this option are required to complete the comprehensive final exam.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 30

MS in Information Technology (All courses require a grade of C or better)
Required courses:
CS 5317Human-Computer Interaction3
CS 5339Secured Web-Based Systems3
CS 5352Computer Security3
CS 5380Software Engineering3
FIN 5311Financial Management3
MGMT 5336Effective Mgmt of Human Resour3
CS 5322Topics in Adv Database Systems3
or CS 4342 Data Base Management
Select three courses of the following: 19
Logical Foundations of CS
Artificial Intelligence I
Theory of Computation
Topics in Language Processing
Parallel & Concurrent Program
Advanced Operating Systems
Advanced Computer Architecture
Advanced Algorithms
Interval Computations
Topics/Emerg.Comput Paradigms
Topics/Intelligent Computing
Topics in Software Engineering
Model-Based Software Devlpmnt
Topics in Software Assurance
Accounting for Management
MIS Theory and Practice
Strategic Information Systems
Managerial Economics
Global Econ Environment-Mgrs
Marketing Management
Quantitative Methods-Business
Organizational Communication
RWS 5311Persuasion and Argument3
RWS 5314Multimodal Composing3
RWS 5315Prof Writing & Rhetoric3
Thesis/Project Option:
Select one sequence below:6
Thesis Option:
Master's Thesis
and Master's Thesis
Project Option:
May include CS 5396, in addition to those electives valid for thesis option
Total Hours45

One of the following may be substituted: COMM 5362 Organizational Communication, RWS 5311 Persuasion and Argument, RWS 5314 Multimodal Composing, RWS 5315 Prof Writing & Rhetoric